Follow the steps below for a full understanding of the SRS vandal resistant audio door entry product range

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  • Door entry phone systems with 1 - 60 call buttons
  • High standard SRS Vandal Resistant audio door entry kits. The panel thickness is 2.5mm BS316 marine grade stainless steel.
  • Very tough and suitable for most applications these kits compare very favourably with other door entry systems by combining enhanced features same day availability and the highest specification.
  • All stainless steel, engineer friendly door entry panel

Audio door entry systems with keypad built into the panel consist of

  • vandal resistant stainless steel entrance panel
    • Order name plates if using name window panels
  • 9307.1 power supply
  • note 9307.2 is not required because lock timer relay is available from the keypad.
  • AN9102S telephone(s)
    • One for each button on the panel

Audio door entry systems without a keypad built into the panel consist of:
  • vandal resistant stainless steel entrance panel
    • Panels in kits also come with NPCLEAR name plates
  • 9307.1 power supply
  • 9307.2 lock timer relay
  • AN9102S telephone(s)
    • One for each button on the panel

These systems are ideal for a variety of installations because of the following features.

  • The door entry panel
    • There are 2 basic sizes
      • A size is 250mm high x 136mm wide x 35mm deep (50mm deep on panel 4 way and above)
      • D size is 321mm high x 181mm wide x 50mm deep
      • See the Surveyor Guide for full listing with layouts and dimensions
    • The front plate is supported when open, making the panel engineer friendly.
    • The panels are supplied for flush fitting, however they can be fitted on the surface by adding a BS316 stainless steel rain hood.
      • Use 3505/50 for A size panels
      • Use 3506/50 for D size panels
    • The door entry panels are vandal resistant and designed to with stand all but the most determined attack.
    • See the vandal resistant panels guide for further information.

  • The telephone handset
    • The phone cord is a very flexible and suitable in situations with repetitive use (ie reception phone)
    • The phone has a lock release button and a spare button

  • The system power supply
    • The power supply offers 12V AC and 12V DC power outputs (500mA on each output)
    • The system incudes timer relay for the locking device which is adjustable from 1 - 99 seconds
    • The system can be connected to a gate controller or access control without any additional interface relay

  • The connections are simple
    • Convertional 5 wire technology

panel 4309/08

panel 4312

panel 4412