This training guide will lead you step by step through the SRS audio door entry product range.
  1. SDK audio door entry kits
    • 1 phone system
    • The SDK audio door entry kit is designed for simple one to one installation. That is one call button calling one telephone.
    • The equipment is functional and very competitively priced (more)
  2. KET audio door entry kits
    • 1 - 12 phone systems
    • The KET audio door entry range offers kits from 1 button calling one telephone up to 12 button panel calling 12 individual telephones.
    • The kits are ideal for companies wanting to offer fully featured a range of door entry systems with the same look and feel.
    • Engineer friendly hinged panel (more)
  3. SRS stainless steel 1 phone kits
    • 1 phone systems
    • Although these kits are built to the same high standard as the SRS Vandal Resistant audio door entry kits and systems, they are not classified as vandal resistant. This is because the panel thickness is 1.5mm instead of 2.5mm.
    • Still very tough and suitable for most applications they are ideal for mounting onto gate / car park barrier posts since the panel is only 100mm wide.
    • Engineer friendly hinged panel (more)
  4. Vandal Resistant audio door entry kits
    • 1 - 10 phone systems
    • The SRS vandal resistant range of door entry kits offer a professional specification option
    • This range includes features like built in 12V DC, timed lock release relay, BS316 panel etc that is not normally found in a door entry kit.
    • However the prices are very competitive when comapred to other vandal resistant audio door entry systems which do not have these features. (more)
  5. Vandal resistant audio door entry systems
    • 1 - 60 phone systems
    • The SRS range of audio door entry systems allows for almost any feature required of a system without compromise.
    • Features are the same as the kits, but for larger installations
    • Pricing is competitive as you would expect from SRS
    • available features include such things as keypad or proximity reader built into the panel. (more)